Work Completed

August/September 2021

    • Asbestos removal from solids building incinerators.
    • Removal of the inner brick and asbestos layers in the incinerator smoke stake.
    • Trailer park (lay down area).
    • Temporary belt filter presses (BFP) hooked up and running.
    • Temporary solids rerouting from DAF 3 to the temporary BFPs.
    • Temporary power has been rerouted to the Administration Building.
    • Selective demolition has started on the Solids Building.
    • The pad has been poured for the radio tower control building.
    • The radio tower has been erected.

October 2021

    • The smoke stack is gone!
    • Boilers to provide heat to the Admin Building were installed just in time for winter.
    • Concrete pads for temporary dewatering facility were installed.

November/December 2021

    • Temporary building placed around the relocated and refurbished belt presses.
    • Solids Building demolition continues with sorting debris and hauling off site to be recycled.
    • Demolition of gas storage tank cover and mechanisms for possible reuse for equalization in new sidestream treatment process.
    • Temporary facilities installed for digester microaeration pilot.
    • New boiler system installed to provide heat to the Admin Building.
    • Installed test piles to evaluate foundation requirements for new Solids Building.

January 2022

    • Digester feed switched from east holding tank to DAF 3.
    • East holding tank cleaning has started in preparation for modifications.
    • Building demolished and cleanup wrapping up.

Upcoming Construction Plans

August/September 2021

    • Installation of a new natural gas line to the Administration Building to replace an aging pipeline.
    • Solids Building demolition, anticipated to last approximately 12 weeks, will remove the existing building down to the current foundation. A new Solids Building will be constructed in its place.
    • A Microaeration Pilot Study to test an air injection system to reduce hydrogen sulfides in the digesters.

October 2021

    • Demolition of the Solids Building is ongoing.

November/December 2021

    • Complete Solids Building and incinerator demolition.
    • Begin microaeration pilot for reducing H2S concentrations in digester biogas.
    • Sludge Phasing Plan 3 – temporary facilities will route sludge to DAF 3 and allow the East Holding Tank to be removed from service for cleaning and required improvements.
    • Pressure testing of Birmingham and Westside forcemains.
    • Assessment of whether gas storage tank will be structurally suitable for reuse as equalization basin for new Sidestream treatment process.

January 2022

    • Inspection of the existing solids building basement and foundation.
    • Installation of deep piles for the new foundation.
    • Switching communications back over from cellular to radio.

Construction Timeline

Project Timeline

The image above reflects a general project timeline, which is subject to change.

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