Current Construction Activities

    • Mobilization
    • Preparation for biosolids facility demolition
    • Installation of new radio tower

View images of current construction activities on the site in the photo gallery above.


Upcoming Construction Plans

    • Separation of Administration building from Biosolids building
    • Demolition of Biosolids building

Construction Timeline

Project Timeline

The image above reflects a general project timeline, which is subject to change.

KC Water Celebrates the Construction of a New Waste Recovery System

KC Water has started construction on a new renewable resource facility, the Blue River Biosolids Improvements Facility. This new $150 million facility will be better for the environment by eliminating the use of incinerators to process waste as well as providing a reusable resource. When completed in 2024 it will be the largest facility in the Midwest and one of only nine in the United States.

City of Kansas City, Missouri announces shortlisted firms for the Blue River Biosolids Facility

On January 17, 2020, the City of Kansas City, Missouri (KCMO) announced the shortlisted...

KC Water says $100 million plan will help stench, environment near waste treatment plant

KC Water is now working on a $100 million project designed to protect the environment and get rid...