On August 17, representatives from congressional offices, US Water Alliance Chief Executive Officer Mami Hara, Environmental Protection Agency Region 7 Water Division Director Jeff Robichaud, and Mayor Quinton Lucas visited the biosolids facility site for a brief program followed by a short walking tour of the site to see the importance and need for federal infrastructure investments.

The Blue River Wastewater Treatment Plant located near I-435 and Front Street, is undergoing a transformation into one of the most critical water infrastructure projects in the Kansas City area, the Blue River Biosolids Facility.

When completed, the facility will be the first plant of its kind in the Midwest to employ a Thermal Hydrolysis Process (THP) to recycle human and domestic waste into useful energy sources. The new facility is being paid for through a combination of state and federal money; $100 million from the State Revolving Fund program and up to $40 million from local investment.

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